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What kinds of things are there to do in your school’s hometown? 

The City of Guelph is one of the best places to call home throughout your University degree. Downtown Guelph is the main hub of student nightlife, with almost all of the student bars located on one street block. If you like country music, my favourite bar is Western. The Guelph Arboretum is a beautiful garden right beside campus, perfect for going on walks or having a picnic. The Guelph Farmers Market is open year-round with plenty of vendors to buy from. In the summer, I love visiting the Boathouse to rent a kayak and grab an ice cream cone! During the winter, you can go skating on the outdoor rink by City Hall with a group of friends or go downhill skiing at one of the nearby hills.

How would you describe the workload and work-life balance?

What is some advice you would give high school students when applying to your program?

Focus on your grades! Research the cut off ranges for years prior and aim to be well above that in your high school average. It is also important to know the cut off for admission to the co-op program, if you are interested in completing work placements throughout your degree. Aside from your grades, try to fill your elective spaces in Grade 11 and 12 with relevant courses to the program that you are interested in. All Guelph commerce students are required to take introductory economics, accounting, and finance courses. If your high school offers 


For a UofG Commerce (Real Estate & Housing) Student...


Why did you choose your program? What makes it unique to you?

I actually transferred to Guelph after being in an arts program at another University. I initially chose to transfer to the Real Estate program at 

University academics aren’t easy, but there is definitely time to have fun. A typical commerce student will have 15 hours of class per week, plus about 3-5 hours of additional work for each course. The workload varies significantly throughout the semester, as the first couple of weeks are typically quite relaxed, with a heavier workload coming at mid-term time, and then another big push during final exams. If you choose to get involved with extra-curriculars, that is another time commitment to keep in mind. Your time management skills will determine the work-life balance that you have once you are at school. If you are on top of your schoolwork and get things done ahead of time, you can usually spend the weekends relaxing and hanging out with friends. The great thing about University is that your schedule is really flexible, but it does require a level of responsibility and learning to break procrastination habits.  

What do you think is special about UofG's campus life?


The extracurriculars on campus are really what made my University experience special. The business school has a wide range of clubs that will help you meet like-minded students and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Every week there are events happening on campus that will help you learn skills that employers are looking for, build your network, and just have fun. Outside of the business school, my study abroad experiences really stood out. Guelph offers ‘Summer Field Schools’, which are short study abroad trips for a few weeks in the summer. I was able to travel to the Netherlands and Costa Rica with Guelph professors and other students to earn course credits and experience new cultures. It is a learning experience that I believe every student should take advantage of.  


Guelph because I have always had a keen interest in Real Estate, having grown up with parents who work in the industry. Guelph offers one of the only undergraduate commerce programs that offers a major in Real Estate in all of Canada. The basis of a Commerce degree with specialized courses in Real Estate was extremely appealing to me because it is such practical knowledge. Another reason that I chose the Lang School of Business was for the strong emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility into course curriculum. In today’s world, it is important that business professionals are acting in socially responsible ways and using business as a force for good. The business school at Guelph is also extremely collaborative. From first year onwards, you will learn how to collaborate effectively with your peers and group members. I was drawn to Guelph because there is a very strong sense of community, and students are willing to help one another.  

similar courses, they will benefit you tremendously in first and second year. Lastly, focus on a few extracurriculars that you are passionate about. Don’t go and get involved with every club but pick a couple that you love or start a project of your own. These will help you stand out and show your individuality when it comes to scholarships and internship applications.

A very special thank you to our interviewee...

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I am a recent graduate of the University of Guelph’s Bachelor of Commerce program, with a major in Real Estate & Housing. For the past 6 years I have been running a backyard swimming lesson business called Laura’s Swim School. As a team of 4 instructors, we aim to teach swimmers life-saving skills and increase drowning awareness. In my free time I love travelling and spending time at my cottage! I will also be launching an Etsy shop in the near future (Launch date TBD) to sell stationery, stickers, and paper goods. My Etsy Instagram handle is @balsampaperco

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