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  • How do I get volunteer hours?
    It depends! What are your interests; what are you looking for in a volunteer opportunity? Do you need convenience, a long-term position, stability, etc.? Check out our 'How to get Volunteer Hours' guides that go in depth on getting individual opportunities, volunteer position data bases, and more!
  • Where can I find information about Scholarships?
    Typically, scholarships depend on the organization offering the scholarship; the requirements, applicant preferences, and awards are all subject to variance. For more information about the types of scholarships, interviews from winners of Canada's biggest awards, check out our Scholarship Guide!
  • Do Grade 11 Marks Matter?
    When it comes to universities considering you, the general rule is that they only matter for early admission and that grade 12 marks matter much more. For a more detailed breakdown of situations where they may or may not matter, check out our blog post:
  • When does OUAC open?
    Typically, your OUAC access information will be sent out out to you from late October to late November. As soon as it comes out, be sure to apply! For more information, check out our OUAC/OCAS guide here:
  • Do Extracurriculars Matter?
    Extracurriculars certainly don't hurt you, and for various scholarships and supp. apps, you'll be asked about your extracurricular history and community outreach. So generally, yes.
  • What's the difference between a Major and a Minor?
    A major is the main focus of your degree during your time in post-secondary education; your minor is a secondary focus which you can make whatever you want. They are official, and must be declared; different universities have different requirements to achieve your diploma. Reach out to your guidance department, and in-house university admins for more specific information.
  • Do you have any other questions we didn't answer?
    Feel free to click the little box in the bottom right corner of your screen to talk to a Project Uni staff member and get the answers to your questions!
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