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Why did you choose your program, what makes it unique to you? 

The most important piece of advice that I can give to high school students is to do your research! Choosing a degree is not easy, to make it less stressful you should be gaining as much knowledge as possible. When

How would you describe the workload and work-life balance?


For a University of Alberta Neuroscience Student...


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What is some advice you would give to highschool students when applying to your program?

Initially, the workload is tough to handle. You're enrolled in 5 classes a term (meaning you have a full schedule), you've got labs,

seminars, and research participation to

worry about too. For your first year, or

maybe your first semester, you should be

fully prepared to buckle down and work a

few hours every evening to go over your materials, make notes, hand in

assignments, and so much more. However,

as the academic year progresses, the

workload should start to seem more

tolerable because you've been learning and perfecting the art of time management. Remember, if you're looking to ease your schedule down to 4 classes, you can enroll in spring/summer classes too! Now that

I'm going into my third year having a

full course load doesn't faze me.

In fact, during my second

year, I was even able

to focus on 





being a



What do you think is special about the UofA campus life?


I can confidently say that the University of Alberta has the most welcoming environment I have

ever experienced! Campus life is very up-beat, we have the University of Alberta Students

Union (UASU) to thank for that. There are always activities being planned and executed

throughout the academic year which makes it feels like you're not only on campus to attend

classes. Some of these events include Week of Welcome (WoW), campus cup (competitive

dodgeball), and AntiFreeze (winter games). When it comes to the actual campus itself, you'll

always find somewhere that you fit in! Whether that be in the quads (which are gorgeous

during the fall) or in the humanities building where someone is playing the most beautiful piano

piece ever, you'll never feel like you don't have somewhere to go. Not only can we thank UASU

for a fun environment, we can also thank all the students. During my first year, I had to ask

dozens of people where my classes were, never once did I encounter someone who was not

willing to help. In conclusion, campus life at the University of Alberta is truly something worth


I chose to pursue Neuroscience at the University of Alberta for several different reasons however, diversity within the field of study was the main factor that drew me in. When it comes to the University of Alberta itself, the university is located in the city that I live in & the reputation of the science program speaks for itself. Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to the science and analytical side of almost

everything so being able to study several branches of science such as molecular biology, anatomy, and psychology appealed to me incredibly. Not only am I studying something I thoroughly enjoy, I am continuously learning about other scientific disciples that I wouldn’t have known about before. Neuroscience is unique to me because I have made it that way. Rather than aimlessly memorizing countless topics, I’ve chosen to apply my knowledge and educate the general public about my field of study. I have chosen to embrace my degree to the fullest including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can only hope that this brief insight into my experience of choosing this degree inspires individuals to take a set back and realize how much more they can be doing with their experience and expertise!

you are still in high school, I recommend taking all three

sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) up to the grade 12 level. By doing so, you are not

accidentally closing the doors to your potential degree just because you may be missing out   on the pre-requisites. If

you are thinking about pursuing a degree in                           neuroscience, you

should be doing your research about the course load and the potential for any research opportunities. You don't have to do this alone, talk to your academic

advisor, or find someone who is willing to help you

out. It's essential to know that not all post-

secondary institutions offer research within the

degree while some schools require research to complete your studies (make sure you're looking out for this!). Within your research on the specifics of the degree, you will find that not all universities actually offer a Bachelor of Neuroscience so you will also have to look into where the program is offered. It may seem overwhelming having to do so much reading but trust me, the more you know the better!

A very special thank you to our interviewee...



My name is Maddi and I’m a 3rd year Neuroscience student at the University of Alberta north campus located in Edmonton, Alberta! I am an aspiring doctor (double doctorate MD/PhD), professor, and doggie day care owner! When it came to university, I was basically on my own,so my main goal is to educate and guide incoming post-secondary students about classes, campus-life, and so much more. I hope to be a reliable source for anybody needing to talk through any issues, whether they be personal or academic. Also, I make TikTok’s!

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