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Would you recommend someone apply for Shad?

I would definitely recommend someone to apply for Shad! It is a great opportunity for students to meet like-minded individuals from across Canada and create lifelong friendships. Students will be able to experience living on a university campus, working with university professors and completing university labs before they are in university! Throughout the Shad experience, students will discover the various possibilities that they never knew existed and reach beyond the stars. They will obtain the skills and resources to tackle real-world problems and become a changemaker in society. Shad is truly a transformational experience that all grade ten and eleven students should apply for!

If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now, what would you tell your former self upon preparing for the application for Shad?

I would tell my former self not to stress about the application process. Shad focuses on authenticity and originality. As long as you speak from your heart, your writing will be genuine. Rather than discussing various activities, I would focus on the activities that I am passionate about or the experiences that impacted me and show that throughout my essays. There is no point in writing about something that you do not find meaningful as you will not be able to convey your excitement and passion in your writing. The process is more important than the outcome as you learn and experience various events. I would write about how I learned from these experiences and highlight my leadership skills and sense of community.





How would you describe your experience with Shad?

Shad is a STEAM and entrepreneurship based summer enrichment program for grade tens and elevens in Canada. High school students from all over Canada, from Yukon to Newfoundland and Labrador come together for an unforgettable summer of a lifetime at one of 19 university campuses across the country. I attended Shad at the University of British Columbia and it was an incredible experience! I was able to explore the beautiful province of British Columbia for the first time and overcome various obstacles to step outside my comfort zone. The Shad community is definitely one of the highlights from the program. Everyone brings a different perspective to the table from their various passions and experiences. Although everyone walks in as strangers at the beginning of the program, at the end, they become family. From lectures to hands-on workshops about various topics, I was able to learn more about the various possibilities and outlooks I could take and network with industry professionals. A vital and unique experience at Shad is the Real World Design Challenge where students work together to come up with a unique business idea for a particular program and create a prototype. I truly enjoyed this aspect of Shad as it taught me how to solve real-world problems in an entrepreneurial and scientific way. Overall, Shad was such a rewarding and memorable experience.

A very special thank you to our interviewee...


Hi! My name is Irene Hu and I am an incoming first year Accounting and Financial Management student at University of Waterloo. I enjoy volunteering at community events, working with student-run organizations and going on road trips across Canada! Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions

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